Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harley Davidson Cake

My husband's boss came to town from out of state today and it was his birthday. Apparently he is really into Harley Davidson, so his wife requested this theme for a small cake they could enjoy at their hotel (he brought the family here for Balloon Fiesta). I saw some really cool Harley cakes online and borrowed this idea for the fondant flames on the sides and the logo on top. The cake itself is butter recipe yellow with a vanilla pudding filling and homemade chocolate buttercream. He was super excited and surprised and even asked to have his picture taken with my husband and the cake. I liked how it came out, and my 8 year old liked it so much that he now wants to have this theme and the same exact cake for his next birthday party. This is the same child I've mentioned before who normally hates frosting. He's decided he loves chocolate buttercream with yellow cake and he's nuts for the filling in between layers. I think it reminds him of the creme fillings they put in donuts (he's my donut kid). Hopefully he'll change his mind before his birthday since I don't really like making the same exact cake more than once. Time will tell...

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