Friday, March 26, 2010

Doggy Cake

One of my closest friends has a little girl who is absolutely crazy about dogs. She decided to have a girly doggie party in honor of her 5th birthday, and this is the cake I created for it. The dog itself was made using the Wilton 3D lamb cake pan. I added a muzzle to make it more doglike by attached a small rice crispy treat to the nose with a toothpick. The tail and legs are also made of rice crispy treats that I frosted. The "fur" is piped on using the grass pull out tip. I extended the ears by adding a lot of piped chocolate buttercream to make them look more like a floppy dog's ears. The hat is just a sugar cone (ice cream cone) that I frosted in pink buttercream and then rolled in pink sugar crystals. The bottom round cake had a slight strawberry flavor to it because that is her favorite flavor. I think the strawberry cake mixes have an overwhelmingly artificial taste to them, so I used a golden vanilla Betty Crocker mix and then took about 1 cup of batter out. I colored this separated cup of batter with a pink gel coloring and added some strawberry Nestle Quick syrup to it, then marbled that into the golden vanilla. It looked really cool and girly and had just enough strawberry flavor. I then made a homemade vanilla buttercream and added the same pink gel coloring and a little bit of Strawberry Nestle Quick to that for the strawberry frosting. The dog was made of triple chocolate fudge cake with homemade chocolate buttercream. I think everyone really liked it...minus the part where the poor dog's head fell off midway thru the party :) Happy Birthday, Savannah!

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  1. Super, super cute! We loved this cake, it was adorable and tasted awesome!