Saturday, November 6, 2010

Minnie Mouse Birthday

Today was my daughter Julia's 5th birthday party with her friends and ever since we went to Disneyland this last summer, she's in love with Minnie & Mickey Mouse. This cake was super simple to do and came together fast...the apples--not so much. I kind of wanted to slap the woman who teaches the little tutorial on YouTube for making it look so simple. The reality was that it was messy, cumbersome, time-consuming, frustrating, you name it. Her little video makes it look like these come together so fast and effortlessly, but that just simply is not true when trying to re-create them at home. If you are feeling masochistic, though, you can watch the video and attempt them yourself. Here's the link: The kids really loved them, though, so I guess it was worth it anyway. Basically you dip a Granny Smith apple in melted caramel, then add 2 large marshmallows for the ears (she makes it look like they just stay in place with a gentle push of the finger, but I had to stab toothpicks in to keep them from sliding off)dip all of that into melted chocolate, attach a red bow (I made them out of fondant), then let all that set up firm, then dip them halfway up in melted white chocolate, quickly put 5 or 6 white dots on (I used white M & M s) then dip in red sanding sugar. Some of the steps I photographed, but by the end, I was so frustrated I had cracked open a bottle of wine and put the camera away to begin cursing this woman :)

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  1. lol - I can only imagine the fun this was! I am sitting here at my desk laughing (you know how I am Tracye!) They turned out so cute and I imagine they were extremely tasty! Did you save me one? The cake is beautiful and when you say simple and easy I have the same feeling of frustration just thinking about it as you did for the apples!