Saturday, May 7, 2011

NBA All-Stars Cake

Today was my middle child's 8th birthday and he was having an NBA basketball party. I asked him if instead of finding a cake idea from the internet, if maybe he would just let me make up a cake from my own imagination. This is the result. We used edible images of his favorite NBA stars (as well as one of him playing b-ball) and put them on sugar cookie stars with colored sanding sugar in the corresponding team colors. My husband made the hoop out of fondant wrapped around a heavy gauge wire and then the basket netting he weaved out of white pipe cleaners (later it was turned upside down to create a basketball crown type of thing for the birthday boy). I piped a border around the bottom of the cake in red, white, and blue for the NBA colors.
Happy Birthday, Clay!


  1. Great cake - great party and a wonderful weekend! Thank you for sharing with me!

  2. I wanted to include you on the Versatile Blogger award because I absolutely love your blog! Please go to this link to get your award and see if you want to participate! Its a great way to generate link backs and besides you totally deserve this award!