Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Cake

Today I finished up a special sweet sixteen cake for a friend's daughter. Her favorite colors are brown, orange, purple, and green, so I worked 3 out of the 4 into the mix (I think green would have made this a mess:) The bottom is a 12" square, butter recipe yellow cake with a vanilla custard filling. The top is a 8" square , butter recipe yellow with raspberry filling. It was freakishly heavy and my husband was out of town, so I managed to haul it out to the back of the van and had my friend drive my van during delivery so I could crouch down in the back and hover over this cake (I was really afraid it would fall or lose pieces). We made quite a picture on the roadway, I'm sure.
This teenager is in colorguard, plays violin and piano, and loves Taylor Swift, so I used edible images to incorporate her interests. I made the gerber daisies and whimsical smaller flowers out of gumpaste. I could tell she really liked it, so it was worth the work and time. I think this will be my last cake for awhile. I am trying to do summer school and raise kids, so I know it needs to be :)

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