Sunday, May 12, 2013

Clay's Ocean Birthday Cake & Cookies

Last Tuesday was my son's 10th birthday.  Ever since we went to California a few weeks ago (Sea World, the beaches, etc.), he is crazy about ocean themed things.  He especially likes dolphins now, since we had a special visit with a mama dolphin and her baby at Sea World.  He asked for a swimming sleepover at a hotel with an ocean themed chocolate cake.  He wanted sea creatures made out of glazed sugar cookies placed around it, as well as dolphins up on the top.  At this point, I kind of feel like I could glaze sugar cookies in my sleep :).  The sea shells are leftover white chocolates from the luao cake earlier this week.  The dolphins, waves, and presents were made out of marshmallow fondant.  The white foam and caps of the waves were royal icing.  On his actual birthday, I made these orca and angelfish cookies for his class at school.  Happy Birthday, Clay!! 

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