Saturday, July 7, 2007

Space Shuttle Cake

One of my best friends has 2 boys whose birthdays fall in the same month, so sometimes they have a combined birthday party. One year their party together was a space theme, and so she and I came up with this idea of a 3 dimensional rocket ship with a picture of each boy inside the capsule. I love the way it came out! She took pictures of each of them and printed them out on digital "shrinky dink" paper and baked them, so they stood up and were hard cut out type figures. We used a clear plastic cup for the capsule. The sheet cake that the shuttle sits upon was iced black and then decorated with sugar cookies I had made in the shape of all the planets. I used a powdered sugar glaze in different bright colors and swirled some together to make them look more interesting. It was really a neat looking cake and I think the boys got a kick out of seeing themselves inside the shuttle, ready for blast off!

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