Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodluck in Vegas Cheesecake

A couple of years ago, a good friend moved to Las Vegas and we wanted to have a special going away party for her. She's not much into traditional cake, but she's a real cheesecake lover. Fortunately, my brother Jon has the best cheesecake recipe on the planet (he created it). It is unique in that it has a sugar cookie crust. The crust has almond extract and tons of real butter in it, so it's rich and buttery and just awesome. He often doubles the crust recipe and uses the rest of the sugar cookie dough to make cut outs for embellishing the cakes and then he usually puts some type of frosting on them. My favorite part of this cheesecake was the sides. My husband suggested cutting out little dice out of the cookie dough and having pairs of dice all the way around the outside of the cake, with each pair adding up to 7 for good luck. She loved it! We miss her so much, but we hope she's having a good life in Vegas.

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