Monday, February 16, 2009

Girly Bowling Cake

In February of this year, my friend's daughter was having a party for her 9th birthday at a local bowling alley. She's a girly girl who wanted a semi-sporty bowling themed cake all done in pinks, so I made her a pink bowling ball cake (used the Wilton 3D ball pan) iced with pink buttercream frosting (used wax paper to smooth it out after the buttercream dried) with a border of tiny bowling pins I had pre-made the day before out of royal icing. After I finished the cake, I decided I really wasn't happy with how it looked, so I went back into the kitchen and baked giant sugar cookies in the shape of bowling pins (baked a cookie stick in each one), so that the mom could stand the pins up behind the ball once they got to the alley. I felt like that added detail gave the cake the balance, symmetry, and height it needed. In the end, I was happy with it and I really hope they were too!

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