Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bakugan Battle Cake

Yesterday was my son Clay's 7th birthday party. He is really into Bakugan right now, so I tried my best to do something cool with it, and this is what we got. The main cake is a 14" round (3" tall) of Devil's food chocolate with vanilla buttercream. He arranged all of his favorite figures on the cake just the way he wanted. He was very proud of his work :) I cheated a little and used an edible image this time since I was feeling intimidated by the Japanese anime`. My piping skills just aren't quite there yet :)...the fun part of this cake that I thought made it unique, was that I made 6, 6" round cheesecakes using my brother's special recipe. It is special b/c it is made with a sugar cookie crust, so the sides of the cheesecake are all sugar cookie. I made 6" cookie circles out of the same dough and piped the 6 different attributes associated with Bakugan using royal icing. It was great because we were able to offer the traditional cake and ice cream to the kiddos, but also have the cheesecake to serve to the adults. I loved the fact that there were a total of 7 cakes and he was turning 7 (that was just a happy accident :)

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  1. This was a very cool cake and the kids all loved it!