Friday, February 25, 2011

Motocross Cake

Today I made a FOX motocross helmet cake for our very favorite kindergarten teacher's son, who was turning 13. She taught both of our boys and became almost part of the family, so it was an honor to make this cake. I had never seen a motocross helmet before she sent me the picture, so it was a little daunting at first, but he really seemed to like the end result! The bottom square is devil's food chocolate and the helmet is red velvet and French vanilla sort of marbled together (see batter picture). I stacked half of a ball cake on top of a 6 inch round on top of an 8 inch round, froze it solid, then carved it to get the shape of the vortex helmet. The sides of the base cake have edible images of the various motocross logos for the equipment he uses. I free hand piped the graphic on the helmet. The visor of the helmet is part of a styrofoam cup that I frosted and put on the top. Tyler's first reaction was the word "siiiiiiick," which I understand is a good thing :)
Happy Birthday, Tyler!


  1. Very cool !! Good job on the design and I love the red and black.