Saturday, February 5, 2011

VW Bus Cake

This cake will be hard for most people to appreciate, I think, but as long as the birthday boy likes it, that's all that matters to me. A friend asked me to make this cake for her brother-in-law who is a Volkswagen fanatic and enjoys restoring these classic VW Buses. This one is not the norm, but rather a rare, VW pick-up style bus with a big metal rack basket thing on top. I had a picture of his most favorite van that he just restored and was trying to copy that, but it's very difficult to translate certain things like that metal rack to cake form. I tried building it out of royal frosting at first, then painting it with edible silver leaf, only to have it break apart (it's very, very fragile stuff). Ultimately, I gave up and cut up a thin wire wastebasket to put back there. Afterwards, I realized it would have been much better if I'd formed the basket, then dipped it in white chocolate, then painted it in edible silver, but some things you just don't think of until it's too late.
Anyway, hopefully the birthday boy likes it. Happy 31st, Jon!

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