Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fairytale Tangled Cake

Yesterday was my daughter Julia's 6th birthday. She and I both fell in love with the magic of the Tangled movie, and so she had a Tangled theme birthday party at our local aquatic center. I decided to try to re-create a favorite scene in the movie, which is the night where Rapunzel and Flynn sing "At Last I See the Light" to one another in the boat, with floating lanterns all around. I made the lanterns out of gumpaste and then dusted them with sanding sugar. The castle is mostly cake, with 2 plastic columns used from the Wilton castle set. The little boat toy was purchased because I decided making a boat out of gumpaste might be a little beyond my skill level :). This cake was really hard to photograph because there was so much dimension to it and I'm not a professional photographer. You'll have to take my word that it was beautiful in person. I often do not like the cakes I make once I'm done, but this one was just my very favorite of all time. I loved everything about it, including the yellow buttercream roses that I conned my husband into making (I took the Wilton class but couldn't ever get it, and then he picked up the decorator bag, looked at the diagram and made them perfectly lol :) Julia insisted on a lemon cake with vanilla buttercream, so most of it was that. The upper sections were butter recipe yellow with buttercream for those of us who don't particularly love the lemon. Anyway, after I got into this project I looked around online some more and saw that others have had the same idea (I thought I was being all original). It's neat to see how everyone tries to re-create this love scene and they all come up with something a little different. Here's my addition to that collection.
Happy Birthday, Julia!

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